Scenic Jacksonville New Scenic Visions Shines a Spotlight on Arlington

03 | 11 | 2024

Jacksonville, FL (February 29, 2024) – Scenic Jacksonville is pleased to introduce Scenic Visions, an exciting new program that will shine a spotlight on neighborhoods outside of the urban core. The inaugural program will be a three-part series focusing on Arlington, once the fastest-growing area of Duval County.

“Our goal is to rediscover hidden gems within our community while engaging civic leaders and neighborhood stakeholders in thought-provoking experiences and meaningful conversations that help to catalyze community action,” said Nancy Powell, executive director. “This program is a complement to our successful annual Great Cities Symposium, and we are thrilled to partner with Old Arlington Inc., the JAX Chamber Arlington Council, Greater Arlington Civic Council, and Jacksonville University to bring these opportunities to people both inside and outside of Arlington.”   

“Scenic Visions 2024: Spotlight on Arlington” is a three-part series, with information and event registration at  

“Arlington is awash in history and natural beauty, and despite some blight on its commercial corridors, there are amazing assets to be celebrated,” said Steve Matchett, president of Old Arlington Inc. “Arlington is a community of neighborhoods that offers so much more than what can be seen from the Arlington Expressway. We are thrilled by this opportunity to shine a spotlight on Arlington and its promise.” 

Arlington experienced a 30-year boom after the opening of the Mathews Bridge in 1953 that attracted young and innovative architects who today are celebrated as leaders of the mid-century modern movement. Robert Broward, Taylor Hardwick, William Morgan, Robert Broadfoot, Gilbert Spindel and others left their mark on Arlington – and Northeast Florida - with numerous architecturally significant homes, businesses and churches. 

The area was incorporated into the city in 1968 as part of Jacksonville’s consolidation. By the 1980s, new development had moved south and east, and the all-too-familiar cycle of neighborhood decline had begun. 

Today, Arlington’s future is bright. Significant public and private investments are being made throughout the area and organizations like Old Arlington Inc. are working to coalesce the community in the revitalization.