About OAI

Since its founding in 1993, OAI has been instrumental in documenting Arlington’s rich and interesting history, and in preserving its historic structures including Norman Studios.

Today, OAI is focused on preserving and celebrating Arlington’s significant concentration of Mid-Century Modern architecture. Following the opening of the Mathews Bridge in 1953, Arlington experienced an exciting 30-year development boom. OAI recognizes that preserving this architecture is a vital component in revitalizing Arlington.

OAI is committed to:

  • Historic preservation
  • Economic development
  • Neighborhood revitalization
  • Advocating for community needs
  • Supporting Arlington business and organizations
  • Hosting community events that showcase our neighborhoods

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Old Arlington boundaries are the St. Johns River on the North to the Atlantic Blvd corridor on the South and the St. Johns River on the west to Mill Creek- Hartsfield Road on the east.

Old Arlington Map

Norman Studios